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2019-1-23 10:27:14
There are many raw materials for garage door manufacture, but ultimately which kind of raw materials is more secure and more anti-theft effect, which is the most concern of customers. Usually, the products made of copper material have better anti-theft function and can perform better in safety, so how to choose better is particularly important.
First, garage doors can be divided into manual and electric.
1. The advantages of the manual garage door: low price, can avoid the danger of motor protection; suitable for rural and some switching frequency garage.
2. The advantages of electric garage door: beautiful appearance, easy to use, suitable for residential and villas.
2. Garage doors are classified into the following categories according to door materials and installation methods.
1. Electrical characteristics (hand): beautiful and practical, easy to repair and open loops protection.
2. Mobile window cloth in electric (hand) doors. Characteristics: The size of lower floor and garage is the preferred tension garage.
3. Electric (hand) curtain door, features: it will not affect the size of a hole in the garage, garage door more convenient time.
4. The advantages of aluminium garage door are simple and flexible, low repairing rate and low price of coloured steel plate.

3. To buy Garage door, first consider the size of your car and garage door, according to the requirements of garage entrance, and then choose the type of garage door according to your needs.

Fourth, garage doors should be equipped with remote controllers, sensors, electric appliances and manual ones. Remote control, inductor and electric power can be called active garage door.
The main difference between manual garage door and active garage door is that there is no motor. The most common shutter garage on the market is made of aluminium alloy kneading and kneading. Its appearance is sprayed by electrostatic powder and fluorocarbon spraying technology. It has the functions of corrosion resistance, acid-alkali resistance, rust-free, scratch resistance, strong durability, long service life, high strength, safety and protection, so it is widely used.
Garage doors can be equipped with anti-theft safety system: if the resistance of falling rebound can stop the door when it meets resistance, it can protect the safety of personal and vehicle entry and exit, reliable use and protection doors; infrared sensor control system.
Useful guarantors, vehicles, pets into a safe; anti-theft alarm system, when someone breaks the speaker will announce the alarm to protect safety. At the same time, there is a power supply to stop the battery operation function, without opening the door to stop the power supply.
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